The World in Your Hand

If you love shopping, we know the international shipping! You will tell us what you want, then we will buy the designer items and ship them to anywhere in the world from our USA locations. Our mission is to constantly find new ways how to make your designer shopping experiences cheaper!

From USA to Asia, Europe to Africa; we are the source of your Fashion & Designer needs.

Since 1999, helped more than ten thousand customers, with more than million orders, we are the experts!

What we do is simple;

  • You ask us what you want or need,

  • We will locate the items,

  • We buy it for you, ship it your country and pay all your customs and shipping charges,

  • You pay only one bill; you don't need to deal with shipping, insurance costs or customs paperwork. If you have a shopping list or questions about new products; our customer service representatives will solve it for you.

How to shop using Sale Fashion Services?

You need to become a member to use our services. Our consulting service for costumers are free. You send us what you need, we will find the items, purchase them for you, get it shipped to our USA location; then our customers representatives take photos of the items, pack them in one box and ship it your destination.

Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy and many more...

Our ebay buyer/seller account will help you to buy or sell fashion goods, collectible items from knifes to stamps, art work, and etc.

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